Recording Studio

The Makerspace Recording Studio features noise-dampening panels, a green screen, playback headphones, microphones, an iMac, a Nektar Impact keyboard controller, an audio interface, and an interview table.

Recording software available is Ableton Live 11, Audacity, Garage Band, and OBS.

It is a reservable space but is open to drop-in use if not reserved.

How To Add Structure To Your Podcast And Hook Your Audience

This video talks about how starting a podcast is more than just hitting record. It talks about how to use a simple structure to grab the attention, engagement, and trust of an audience!

Modern Vintage Radio

Ableton Live Beginner Tutorial

A quick video teaching the basics of Ableton Live 11

Skills Factory

Is something not working quite right?

Feel free to explore these handy tips to see if they might hold the solution to your issue!

The input volume might be turned down.

  • Go to System Preferences, then click on Sound
  • Select device Blue USB Audio 2.0
  • Turn up input volume

If you’ve tried turning up the input volume and there is still no sound…

  • Open Launchpad and use the search bar to type Audio
  • Open Audio MIDI Setup
  • Select Blue USB Audio 2.0
  • Ensure input and output range are similar to the following two screenshots

Media Technology to Borrow

Borrowing technology means you can take that technology out of the Makerspace, similar to how you would check out a book in the library. To learn more about Makerspace technologies you can borrow check out our Borrow Technology page!

Blue Yeti Microphone

This USB plugin mic is the same as we have in the recording studio. It features modes that allow you to choose which direction you want the mic to pick up sound from.

Insta360 One X2

Borrow the Insta 360 to get 360 degree shots of your adventures!

RØDE Smart Lav Mic

These small microphones clip onto a shirt or lapel and plug into your phone, tablet, or other devices to record.

RØDE Wireless Go II

These small recording devices consist of two recorders and one transmitter. This kit is great for people who want to record clearly and wirelessly over a distance.

Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera

These are powerful pocket vlogging cameras for taking videos or pictures. They can be paired with our Rode Wireless Go’s for crisper audio.


These particular vlogging cameras are known to overheat when shooting in 4K and use a lot of battery life quickly. Please keep in mind these cameras are not intended for several hours of continuous shooting.

Zoom H1n Recorder

This is a small powerful portable recorder with a built-in mic for quick and easy recording. The H1n’s microphones capture high-quality stereo sound, supporting up to 24-bit audio at sampling rates of 44.1, 48, or 96 kHz in WAV and various MP3 formats. 

Project Posts

Take a look at some of the more recent projects our staff, student research assistants, or community members have made.