Sewing Machines

The Heavy-Duty Singer sewing machines allow everyone, beginner to pro, to tackle sewing without feeling intimidated. This model has 11 built-in stitches among which six basic essential stitches (straight, zigzag) and four decorative stitches. It also has an automatic 4-step buttonhole stitch. 

Where to Start

Learn the basics for getting starting sewing with Singer sewing machines.

Threading & Winding a Bobbin

This tutorial will teach you to thread the Singer sewing machine and wind a bobbin.

Inserting the Bobbin

Learn to insert a bobbin into the Singer sewing machine.

Using the Needle Threader

Learn to use the needle threader to thread the Singer sewing machine.

Selecting Stitches & Settings

Finally, learn about selecting stitches and what settings to use.

Serging Machine

A serger is a machine used for textile projects. It is a three-in-one machine that simultaneously stitches a seam, trims excess seam allowance, and overcasts the edge of your fabric to prevent unraveling.

This machine uses four spools of thread to finish seams. It can be tricky to thread, so if it needs rethreading please ask a staff member! Please keeps your hands clear of the blade that trims the excess material as well.

Where to Start

Sergers can be intimidating due to the speed they run and the blade that cuts the material. If you are new to using a serger please let a staff member know. Before serging your textile project it is recommended to try serging a scrap piece of fabric so you understand how the machine works.


Learn the basics of what a serger is, what it can do, how to thread it, and some common terminology when working with a serger.

Seasonally Productive

Sewing and Serging Project Posts

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