Makerspace Team Grows!

Makerspace is happy to announce that our team has grown! We are also excited to welcome back our Student Ambassadors for the 2023-2024 school year, including some new faces.

Head to Our Team to learn about the staff and students who work in the TRU Library Makerspace!

New Staff

We are excited to welcome Dayun Han, who joins Olivia, Sarah, and Valentine as one of the library technicians who staff the Makerspace! Please give Dayun a friendly welcome when you see her in the space!

New Sustainability Champions

We’ve also hired Cicyetkwu Bennett-Dunstan and Melissa Kelm as our new Sustainability Champions! Melissa and Cicyetkwu are part of the Sustainability Incubator Grant and will be working with the Makerspace Librarian, Franklin Sayre, to make us more environmentally and socially sustainable.

New and Returning Makerspace Student Ambassadors

Our Makerspace Student Ambassador program is back! This 2023-2024 year sees new MSAs Adrian Romeo and Cassidy Jean join alongside our returning MSAs Deeparsh Singh, Geordie Stenner, and Tarun Agarwal. Our Makerspace Student Ambassadors will be around to welcome new faces to Makerspace, give tours, approve prints, and help point new users to our beginner tutorials.

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